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Plastic Play Money

This website is an on-line catalogue of my collection of plastic coins, tokens, medallions and other similar items. Other enthusiasts collect conventional coins, cardboard play money or lead tokens, or whatever excites them, but for me, plastics rule supreme! They are generally referred to as paranumismatica or exonumia.

coinsMy collection is categorised primarily by the original function of the object, for example play money, transport or co-op tokens, or medals. Within these sections you can search by country, currency, size or colour and there’s a key word section if you need a first base. There’s also a large section devoted to ‘don’t knows’.

Of course, my collection is not static, it grows continually and it includes many holes where I know examples exist but I haven’t actually seen them to make a record. I have also listed other examples recorded by other collectors but not (yet) in my collection.

There are many others that are yet to be discovered by collectors and I hope that if you discover something that’s not on my list, you will let me know so I can add it to the website. I am always interested in acquiring new items, so if you want to sell, swap or gift items to me please get in touch from the contact page.

I am based in the UK so the collection is naturally based around British items and the language is English.